I feel a bit of a shift after the midterm election. It’s tiny. It’s not across-the-board. But there’s peace, at least so far. Maybe civil war isn’t looming after all. Pluralism is part of what makes our country great.

Maybe your social media feed is massively different from mine, but I haven’t encountered many nastygrams or cruel memes (either direction), at least so far.

I know that lots of people are disappointed, devastated, or outright furious today. Others are celebrating. But that’s the case with every election. This one feels a little different. Like a longing for unity.

Or maybe I’m a dreamer. Let me rephrase that. I am a dreamer. Maybe this is the calm before an even bigger storm, a reorganizing of the troops.

I guess we’ll see. I’m just reminded of a couple I met years ago. They were on a trip, celebrating their 50-year anniversary. I asked the proverbial question. “What’s your secret?” They said, “Give and take.” And I’ve heard that jillions of times since. Why can’t we apply that to our politics?     

It just might be our secret too.

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