Each person has a “pocketful of seeds” to plant for positive change. Inspired by the teachings of Christ, this book is for anyone wishing to make a difference in the world around them. In A Pocketful of Seeds, author and social-change agent Debbie Johnson issues a challenge to herself and her readers: let’s sow “seeds” into the world every day for a year and see how we—and the world—are changed.

A Pocketful of Seeds isn’t just a devotional; it’s a collection of inspirations and ideas for world changers. And it’s not just for established Mother Teresas or Nelson Mandelas, but for everyday people who itch to break free and make an impact—
a real impact.
If that is the cry of your heart, then you are the perfect person to take on the
365-day challenge of A Pocketful of Seeds.

Each entry combines a compelling story with an action—a seed to be sown that day, like hanging out with someone of a different socioeconomic group or
calling an elderly friend or making a microloan.
Some daily seeds will fill you with delight, and some will call for sacrifice. All will make the world a better place, because one thing is definitely true:
when seeds are sown, life happens.

A Personal Note from Debbie
A Pocketful of Seeds has been in the works since my youth when I felt I could change the world. Didn’t we all? Maybe you’re young and you understand.
Maybe you’re older and you’ve given up that “silly” notion, but for some reason, I haven’t. Well, more accurately, I’ve realized that, as the saying goes, “If you can’t change the world, you can change one person’s world.” Maybe even the worlds of two or three…or a thousand.

So I started collecting stories and ideas from the world changers around me and from my own journey. And I started noticing the stories and ideas from
Master Seed Planter, Jesus.
(By the way, this book is for both the followers of Jesus AND the curious about Jesus.)

We have a lot to learn from Jesus. He planted seeds of change every day. Sure, he was God-in-the-flesh, but he said this outrageous thing in John 14:12…
“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

So can you and I plant seeds every day, seeds of great change?


Imagine how your life would change after a year of serious seed sowing.

Let yourself believe that you just might make a difference in the world.

Use these ideas for your own pocketful of seeds, then


“I love my friend, Debbie Johnson. I love her for lots of reasons. She’s smart. She’s talented. She cares. But most of  all, she acts. Debbie doesn’t just think about making a difference in her world—she does stuff. All kinds of stuff. Big  stuff. Little stuff. A Pocketful of Seeds is her latest effort to make a dent for good in our world. Like Debbie, with one  small seed at a time deposited in the dirt of the days of those we live alongside, we can change everything.” —Elisa Morgan,
speaker and author of The Beauty of Broken and
She Did What She Could

“Whether flying across the world or walking across the street, everyday we have countless opportunities to love,  serve, and uplift our neighbors, all who are the LORD’s beloved. We are walking answers to future prayers, and  seeds of hope just waiting to be planted, so dig in and may this book help lead the way!” —Brad Corrigan,
member of the indie band Dispatch; founder and
president of Love Light & Melody

“A book that is pointed, practical, applicable, biblical, life­giving, and in bite­sized pieces: that is my description of A  Pocketful of Seeds. I appreciate the opportunity, day after day, to read and ponder and pray and see what God has  for me that day. This book is going to be used by God to change lives.” —Barb Roberts, director of Caring Ministry at Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church;
author of Helping Those  Who Hurt

“Debbie Johnson has been a cherished friend both personally and professionally for over three decades. I have  watched our Master Gardener cultivate seeds of godly character in the soil of her heart that have continued to  blossom and bless the lives of myriads of men and women around the world. Now she’s sharing inspirational seeds  through her thought­provoking daily devotional A Pocketful of Seeds that will lead you on an adventurous year­long  journey that reveals profound principles for living and our ultimate purpose in life.” —Gregg Bettis, assistant to the president, Kanakuk Ministries;
president emeritus, Kids Across America  Kamps

“So many devotional books have been written, it’s hard to find one that is unique, that rises above the norm. A  Pocketful of Seeds is one of those rare achievements: a valuable collection of rich insights from an expert whose life  has been touched and impacted by uncommon heartache and rich rewarding joy of her own and many with whom she  has lived life.” —Ken Roberts,
former moderator of the
Evangelical Presbyterian Church

“This devotional is not just incredibly beautiful but so inspiring. What a beacon of light for everyone who reads its  pages and sees the truth.” —Marcus Weaver, director of New Genesis; author and national speaker;
Aurora Theater shooting survivor

A Pocketful of Seeds

The Journey