Years ago, in a team-building exercise, our work team was asked to decorate a paper pumpkin according to the way we viewed ourselves. (It was around Halloween, to double as office décor. Creative bunch, we were.) Anyway, my pumpkin had arms, juggling about a dozen balls in the air.

Right now, I’m juggling emotions, tasks, writing, working, cleaning, garden weeding, successes, frustrations, logistics, sensitivities, relatives’ comings and goings, plans that keep changing, grandparenting, blogging, and more.

You can probably relate to juggling.

On the blogging note, I’ve written three iterations of today’s post—one about exhausting and troubling things in the news, a second about my mixed emotions about the Roe v. Wade reversal, and this one. Both of the previous ones are important to me. I process through my writing. I hear from God as I “delve.”

But sometimes, I need to lighten up. When I juggle too much, I tend to miss what’s right in front of me. (Those posts may or may not show up later.) Today, we’re off to Evergreen Lake to paddle boat and picnic!

And as I write, I’m fetching balls from the air, first this one then that one, and setting them down.

Gotta go now. My grandson just tagged me with “you’re it.” Time to chase that little rascal around the house.  

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