Next Monday (March 20) is the 2017 International Day of Happiness. It cracks me up that a day is set aside for happiness, but to be honest, my own happiness has been challenged lately with the state of the world. How about yours? Maybe we need a happiness booster!

I once heard that happiness is situational but joy is abiding. (I’d like both please!) George Mueller said, “The first thing to be concerned about every day is not how much I might serve the Lord, how I might glorify the Lord; but how I might get my soul into a happy state.” 

Happiness is, oddly, elusive sometimes, so I recently polled about a hundred friends and family members (50/50 male/female of all ages and colors), asking them one question—“When are you the happiest?” Their responses ranged from “when I’m three bites into a stack of ribs at my favorite BBQ restaurant” to “knowing that I took the road less traveled and came out better for it.” A dozen or so had to do with an activity like hiking, fishing, or skiing. Many were about nature or sunshine. Some had to do with spending time with beloved family or friends. Others were about solitude. Several had to do with music. Most had to do with purpose, meaning, insight, or helping others. Two had to do with having a tidy home and two were about taking a nap! None were about money or power. Fascinating. One friend wrote, “Thanks for making me reflect on how happy I actually am.”

My friend, Debi Simons, wrote a book called “Intentional Happiness.” (I recommend it!)
I jotted a note in the margin. “Nobody will be helped by my lack of happiness.” The word “joy” is in the Bible 211 times! I think God is delighted when we’re joyful and happy, just like we’re happy when our kids are happy. So why wait until Monday?! Find a reason for a good belly laugh today.

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