Early followers of Christ had to use extreme caution. Some were literally being thrown to the lions. Since they couldn’t necessarily recognize each other when first meeting, it’s said they used a code. (After all, some were Jews, some were Gentiles. They didn’t have a common “look.”) The code was an arc drawn in the sand. If the other person drew a complementary arc to create a fish, they were confessing their common loyalty.

According to dictionary.com, I’m an evangelical Christian, but I didn’t vote the same way as the vast majority of my evangelical peers. Seems we barely recognize each other.

What are we to do?

We’re called to love each other. Love our neighbors. Love the strangers in our midst. Love our enemies. “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” “Be angry, and yet do not sin.”

So in this crazy period of history, are we to take a stand? Absolutely. Anger’s a great motivator for doing the right thing. And are we called to love each other even if we disagree? Yes.


But…we’re all in this life together. Christians, Humanists, Muslims, Jews, Atheists, and all the other “ists.” And I’m betting all the marbles that love will win. Read I John 4:7-21. It’s about God being love.

Drawing an arc in the sand is a commitment to love. Fascinating, this fish thing.

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