What if we all discovered that we only hear half the truth? Wouldn’t that be bizarre? How could we make decisions? How could we know what is real?

I think we’ve officially arrived in that space. Do any of us hear ALL truth ALL the time? Not if we’re tuned into media.

One side seems short on Hunter Biden information. The other side seems surprised that the (conservative majority) US Supreme Court upheld the 2020 election.

Maybe they didn’t get the memo. I’m serious. Our news sites seem pretty picky about what they report. Maybe we get…about half of it.

Here’s the way it seems to me. In the US, we exist in parallel universes. Each side presents its own viewpoint regardless of the whole picture. And there, unless we’re careful, we build our baselines. No wonder there’s so much separation and nastiness. That’s what happens when closed systems butt heads. They don’t even start on the same page.  

If we only get half the truth, we’re not getting the truth. “Half knowledge is worse than ignorance.” (Thomas Babington Macaulay) We need to rely on other means for figuring out reality…a different way of hearing. Maybe it’s why Jesus so often spoke in parables and said, “Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

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