Some people collect salt & pepper shakers or sports swag. I collect crosses from around the world. Oh, and quotes. I have quite a collection of those, especially ones that help me through rough patches, like “successes are revised mistakes” when I’ve messed something up or “just do the next thing” when I’m overwhelmed.

Most of us are probably going through rough patches right now. We’re trying to put our worlds back together. Good quotes would come in mighty handy. And oh man, I wish it were that easy. Just find the right quote.

But what we really need is wisdom. A long slog might be required. “Successes are revised mistakes” probably came from the wisdom of failure. “Just do the next thing” probably came from the wisdom of exhaustion. Our downsides can become our best sides. We just need to be patient. “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1:4

This could be one of the most remarkable quotes (verses) ever. Perseverance can result in maturity, completion and wholeness? Isn’t that a stunning thing? Of all things, perseverance? And the perseverance does the heavy lifting? “Let perseverance finish its work…”

It’s definitely in my collection.

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