Well, my post from last week wasn’t very popular. It was about evaluating our echo chambers because “we are what we eat.” We’re defined by what we consume, news-wise. But maybe I overstated how much power they have in creating our viewpoints. More likely, they reveal our viewpoints, then reinforce them with gusto.

We love our echo chambers and to some extent, need them, but at the same time, we need to be wise and discerning about who/what we follow. Do any news entities just present the facts? Interpretations are not necessarily gospel truth. Only gospel truth is gospel truth. The slopes are slippery and can lead, imperceptibly, to theories that might be true…or not.

We saw that last week. We probably see it every week.

Here’s a good reminder from that great sage, Sgt. Esterhaus from “Hill Street Blues.”

“Let’s be careful out there.”

On a completely different note, we just planted our 2020 sunflowers! (I’m easily amused these days.) But this year, they seem to have special significance. Sunflowers follow something that is much bigger and brighter than themselves. For me, that’s a beautiful metaphor for following God, especially during difficult times. We can look up.

“Set your hearts on things above.” Col. 3:1

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