Shane Claiborne tells the story of going to India to hang out with Mother Teresa and the Sisters. They took communion every morning. When he asked one of the Sisters why so often, she replied that it’s like the old adage…you are what you eat.

Taking Christ in every morning is transforming.

As you know, I’ve been massively confused over how people can interpret the same political events/tweets/stands so differently. I worry that a culprit is partisan news. Do spin and opinion get too mixed up with facts? DO THEY SHAPE US TOO MUCH?

I sure miss the FCC’s fairness doctrine.

With my heart in knots, I’ve been seeking peace and answers. (Remember last week’s musings on peace?) And you know what? Sometimes God just zeroes in on what we need. He led me to this.

It has nothing to do with current politics or the virus or anything my heart was in knots about. Or maybe more accurately, it has EVERYTHING to do with what my heart was in knots about. It’s about some tender, transformative touches of Christ on human lives. I realized I can set my confusion aside and focus on this question.

“How can I take Christ in every morning and live that way?”

If we take in the echo chamber of choice every day, we’ll likely live accordingly.
If we skip the echo chamber and take Christ in every day, we’ll likely live accordingly.

How about both, you ask?

Well, I would just answer this way. If we are what we eat, we sure need to watch what goes down the hatch.

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