I had planned on writing on another topic today, but my mind’s been flooded with images. The face of Kobe Bryant. John Bolton. Lizzo. Holocaust survivors. Elizabeth Warren. My fellow singers in the Cherry Creek Chorale. My six-month-old grandson (via video text), laughing hysterically. (Cutest video ever, and you know I’m completely objective when it comes to such things.) Our dog trainer. My husband in his John Deere ballcap. Many of you on Facebook. My face in the mirror.

And okay, this is totally random, but have you ever seen a TV newscaster out in public and you felt like you knew that person?

Faces are us. Well, elbows and toenails and 60,000 miles of blood vessels are us too. And our inner beings (souls, if you will) are us as well.

But back to faces. Each of the faces mentioned above has a story to tell. And for some reason, I can’t unsee them or their stories right now.  

Cicero said, “The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.”

So since faces and the lives behind them are on my mind, I decided to dig in a bit. I’m not sure what the BIG MESSAGE is. Maybe some of those people just need to be seen.

I once asked a co-worker what her greatest strength was. She answered, “I see people.” (She’s not wacko, seeing things that aren’t there.) She just really does see and appreciate the people around her. I miss her. I think I’ll message her right now!

Whose faces are on your mind today?

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