Well, maybe not ALL brains. I’m just looking for some voices of reason. Aren’t you?

Last week’s post was about planets. Today’s post is about another location—an aisle. I feel like I’m sitting in the middle of the aisle, looking to my right and to my left for some sensibility, not for partisan games.

If you live on the left or right fringe and can’t even imagine anything good coming from the other side, I don’t want to hear from you. (Sorry–my blog, my rules.) But if you’re in the remaining 90%, I would love to know who’s getting your attention, who you listen to. Who’s moving on from stuck-ness? Who’s proposing decent solutions and strategies? Who’s making sense? What politicians, editorialists, podcasters, speakers, preachers, writers, and/or even friends are breaking free of this paralysis and polarization and making strides?

I’m not talking about balance on topics like abortion or gay marriage in which people have distinct viewpoints. There will always be polarization there, but those topics don’t 100% define any of us. There are so many other issues that need leadership CONTENT, not just absurd and embarrassing posturing. Last week I talked about calling OUT bad behavior. Now I’m calling ON sensible behavior.

So if you have ideas, names, publications, etc. of people/content making sense, please post them here or private message me. When I hear or read something sensible, I say “thank you” out loud (sometimes just to my laptop). I want to thank a lot more of those voices of reason. I’m tired of rolling my eyes.

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