Because of the growing political divide, sometimes I feel like I live on a different planet than others. I’m trying to “get along,” but I’m not sure that’s the highest value any more.

It’s been really hard for me to relate to certain political ideologies, much less embrace them, so I decided to put on my big girl britches and do some research with an open mind. I found a new news source that I like. But then I ran across a website called “Strong Society.” Here are three snippets, with my comments afterwards.

“We believe in natural values. We live in an unnatural age where weakness and sacrifice are valued over strength and success.”

Really? The word “sacrifice” is put in the same category as “weakness?” I’m thinking of all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives for me. And I’m thinking of Jesus. Somehow, I just don’t see them as weak.

“We are at war against globalism.”

According to the dictionary, globalism is “the attitude or policy of placing the interests of the entire world above those of individual nations.” What if we all actually did that? Sounds a lot like Philippians 2 to me.

“We are at war against “pathetic populism” and the notion there is something admirable in being mediocre and relatable. We desire strong character.”

OK, I have to agree with them on that last sentence. I desire strong character too, including in our leaders.

Anyway, I no longer want to just “get along” when we have another, more-pressing opportunity. We need to call OUT greed and self-promotion. And we need to call each other TO values like compassion, strong character, and yes, even sacrifice. And in my opinion, we need to call FOR leaders that have sensible rather than sensational (for sensationalism’s sake) solutions.

That’s the planet I want to live on.

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