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I guess I have birds on the brain because I was watching them out our kitchen window this morning. Fascinating little creatures. We have cool birds on our property—finches, barn swallows, hawks, hummingbirds (that show up every Spring), even an occasional eagle.
We hear the soft hoot of “our” owl on warm nights. And bird-isms abound. “She’s a tough ol’ bird.” “He’s an odd duck.” “She’s as graceful as a swan.” “He’s as wise as an owl.”

Confession. The crux of this blog isn’t about birds; it’s about wisdom. An owl just represents wisdom, as other birds represent things like strength or beauty. But back to owls…
Owls observe. Owls don’t make much of a racket. But when they spot a mouse for dinner, that mouse doesn’t have a chance. Maybe that’s a lot like wisdom. We’re to gain wisdom by patiently observing, reading, praying, absorbing. And the wisest people I know usually keep their mouths shut, then when the time is right, oh, the wisdom! And most importantly, when the time to act comes around, that action springs from wisdom. It is swift, confident, and decisive. And it matters.

I’m craving more wisdom in my life. I want clarity on issues that I can see from opposite directions. (And maybe that wisdom will manifest as comfort with the questions.)
I want my words and actions to be wiser, more poignant, more focused.

And I most definitely want more wisdom from our leadership. I think the vast majority of Americans are craving wisdom coupled with healthy budgeting (that doesn’t do more harm than good). Few of us agree on ALL the issues, so in our parsing and compromising and searching for the healthy path going forward, is it too much to ask for nonsense to be put permanently aside and for wisdom to prevail?

“But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5

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