I am thankful. I have a warm home, art on the walls, food in the pantry, and those healthy-ish chicken nuggets in the freezer for the grandkids. Actually, I’m thankful for thousands of things.

And one of those is the ability to learn from hardship…to find the nugget God has planted in the situation. Without it, some days would be full of despair and I would find it hard to be thankful.

With it, I can find the nugget.

For example, I’ve been a bit depressed and angry lately. In a fighting mood. And my fighting mood has targets, like racism in the US and hospitals being bombed in Syria. Should I snap out of it and put on a happy face? No, I need to be authentic and find the nugget, the lesson, solutions. 

The lesson for me during this season of time is TO fight and to BE angry. To fight the good fight. To be angry, but not sin.


Over the years, God has given me mounds of nuggets of truth and answers. Pockets full! For that, plus my family and friends and turkey and dressing (and chicken nuggets) and thousands of other things, I’m thankful.

PS—I wrote this blog two days ago anticipating the busy-ness of Thanksgiving Day, and as I did, I prayed for two needed nuggets. And no kidding, I got them. What had been unclear came clear. My heart lifted. Not only am I thankful in essence, I’m downright joyful! And I’m praying that as you read this, you will get the nuggets you need from God. Don’t give up.

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