Hello World Changers!

Today marks Day Two post-election. And today’s entry in my book is “Support Institutions That Make a Difference.” Yet I’m mortified that the institution of democracy that I cherish so deeply has chosen a president who embodies values I abhor so deeply (racism, bullying, etc.).

Frankly, I don’t fit neatly in either major political party. Anyone else have that “problem?”

So the fact that the people spoke and they want a swing back to the right doesn’t bother me. The people speaking is a GOOD thing. And I agree with many of those swings. But the embodiment of the party in this case? I’m sick with concern.

I’m feeling stirrings. They’re not new. They’re the stirrings that wrote A Pocketful of Seeds. But this wave of emotion and intensity is unlike any I’ve known before. It is tsunami-sized. It is a tsunami of love, as cliché as that sounds. Love for the oppressed. Love for those bullied. Love for refugees. As my sister pointed out, the nativity scene is a couple of Middle Easterners looking for a safe place to dwell…
like refugees.

Here are some concepts from my book, i.e., the stirrings. Use anger as fuel! Start a movement! Fight the good fight! BE the change! Be the CHURCH! And on that note, I’m not talking about the church that aligns itself with either party. The disciples of Jesus were looking for an earthly king and he squashed that idea. His ways are counter-cultural. Revolutionary. The planks in his platform include defending the orphan, honoring the stranger in your midst, loving your enemies.

So how do I rally these stirrings? I will use them as fuel for positive action. I will remember to love. Because after all, in the final analysis, love wins.

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