We’re a stunned nation. We’re embarrassed. Too many of us are vomit-in-the-toilet troubled. Maybe this isn’t true in your community, but there are almost zero candidate bumper stickers around here, for either side. It’s all just too mortifying. Monday’s Supreme Court decision was when one of our founding principles died. No words…  

So what are we to do? Fight? Give up? Seek alternatives? 

I’m going with Michelle Obama’s quote. “When they go low, we go high.” I can be in charge of me…and fight for what’s right. Fighting against those who don’t recognize the lies and danger afoot is a lost cause. I can let that go.   

“Avoid foolish controversies…because these are unprofitable and useless.” Titus 3:9 

I can let some fights go because there’s higher power. In our current situation, we need to go WAY high. Above human words, attempts, and stupid arguments. “This is a job for Superman,” to quote Superman. And I don’t really mean Superman. I mean God. 

Some might roll their eyes over that one, but I’m just speaking for myself. I believe in God. I believe he gave us the mandate and intellect to govern ourselves, but I also believe the power of pure love can take us beyond ourselves. We need that now. 

I’m not ashamed of the gospel. In fact, I’m counting on it with all my heart.