“A true crisis can sometimes do wonders to focus the mind. However, you don’t always get that kind of clarity every time your blood pressure rises. People who have children or elders worry they can’t keep them safe. Those blessed with jobs worry about losing them. Even following the news can be too much to take. Activists start saying to themselves, “The more I do to fight back, the more the pressure builds. The dam is cracking, and every time I plug a hole with my finger, ten more holes show up.” The question haunts us: When will this end?

We get tired.” ~ Dr. Otis Moss III (edited)

I can relate. Holes have recently shown up in my life. Self-doubt, unexpected expenses, struggling loved ones.

But Moss goes on. “In the storm of chaos, the question is whether there might be some way to use the harsh, unpredictable winds and relentless currents of our lives to get us moving to where we actually want to go. When you take on the confusion and the violence and you refine them, purify them into something new, you are doing what in the vocabulary of faith we call consecrating your chaos. To consecrate is to make holy, to put it into service for good, to charge it with a duty.”

And there’s the answer about the holes.