“Oops, Debbie, you skipped a year.”

No, I meant 2025. The long view.

On one hand, America in 2025 might look pretty much “status quo” whether led by a breakthrough Republican or a Democrat. It would still be messy and imperfect, but a standing democracy. It would still hold “liberty and justice for all” as a value. It would still be free.

On the other hand, it could look different. A series of executive orders could all be issued on day #1 of a new administration. They could include termination of the Constitution and the shooting of suspected shoplifters as they exit stores. Some would say it’s worth it for a return to “conservative values and morality.”

Others would say, “Debbie, stop it. That could never happen.”

I’ll just leave space for silence right now.

*  *  *

Or…it could look like a nation that has recognized its period of testing, with a new resolve to find its way. We’ve been so polarized. We feel fatalistic about our options. Where did our beautiful middle go? We need to wake up. We could become better than ever.

It’s up to us.

In 2024.