“Gallup polling last month found that a record 49% of Americans see themselves as politically independent—the same as the two major parties put together.” Apparently, the two parties are seen as ineffectual and too extreme. ~ Axios (4/17/23)


But if half the country feels this way, where are their/our voices? Where are the voices that make sense and call for cooperation? The ones the parties love to hate?

They are buried. Media-silenced. Sanity doesn’t sell.

And I’m not okay with that AT ALL. Are you? But I have hope in the Mexican proverb that goes like this. “They tried to bury us, but they didn’t know we were seeds.”

Seeds. Sanity Seeds. I guess we can sow them and see what happens. Maybe even start a movement. Would it gain traction or is everyone too addicted to the sensational and bizarre? After all, sanity’s probably a little boring in today’s world. Seems some people prefer to be lied to.

I would really love to hear ideas from people who don’t buy into biased media. I would guess 49% of us steer clear of it. If you’re part of this group, who do you listen to? How do you stay sane? (Sane voices ARE out there.) What can we do? If we don’t start planting some serious sanity seeds, we really are doomed.

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