“None of us will be in an equivalent position (to Queen Elizabeth), but each of us will be far more defined by who we are rather than where we stand. There are legacies that transcend politics, and in demonstrating that truth, Queen Elizabeth performed one last service for us all.”
~David French

In short, I think the Queen reminded us of duty and honor. In the US, we tend to combine the role of the president with the soul of the nation, which can lead to powerful, beautiful unity…or not.

Maybe it’s time to transcend politics. We tend to place ourselves on a political spectrum. A dot on a line. A dot. We take on the personality of our particular dot.

But where’s the soul? Are we headed to civil war over…dots? Where’s the stuff that transcends dots? What if we gave up our current descriptors and chose other ones?

I’m tired of dots. I’m ready for a shift. A call to honor. Mutuality. There’s an organization called More in Common. Here’s their mission statement. “Our mission is to understand the forces driving us apart, to find common ground and help to bring people together to tackle our shared challenges.”

At this moment in time, the Queen has reminded us of that. The dots will still be there, but maybe we’ll find what’s more important.

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