Today’s Thursday Thoughts will be brief. I’m in listening mode…listening, reading, watching and waiting. I’m reading a book about political public relations. (Sounds boring, but it’s fascinating.) Political PR is just a big game. In fact, that’s what it’s called. The Game. The facts are irrelevant as long as the audience eats it up—either for one’s side or against the other side. (The “against the other side” garbage seems particularly successful.)

So I’m very careful about what I listen to/read. The last thing I need is untrue garbage in my brain, written by a junior staffer fervently playing The Game.

Being duped is real. It could cost us our country. We need discernment. Our country is polarized enough for strictly ideological reasons. The garbage just makes people have passion wrongly. I’ve known people who are willing to sacrifice their integrity and believe liars/lies for the “greater good.” Does God ever ask that of us? He does, however, ask us to exercise discernment, wisdom, prudence and understanding.

Discernment: acuteness of judgment and understanding.

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