This has been a week of waiting. Waiting on the world. Last night, the world changed.

“Russia invades Ukraine in largest European attack since WW2.” “World leaders denounce Russia’s hideous and barbaric attack.” You’re reading the headlines too.

What I find remarkable is the unity. The solidarity. It’s something we haven’t felt for a long, long time. Sure, there are dissenting voices, but they’re not gaining much traction. We, the people, support Ukraine.

I hope and pray we can get used to this feeling of unity…and realize how precious it is. I hope and pray goodness will prevail against Russia’s power grab. I hope and pray clear thinking will prevail over twisted logic everywhere. I hope and pray for peace.

Dan Rather offered this prayer. “I pray for all those in harm’s way. I pray for all who desperately yearn for peace. I pray for some way out with a minimal loss of life. I pray for hope, and the wisdom of our leaders in a time of peril.”


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