I’m not a “Hello world! Today’s gonna bring the chance of a lifetime!” morning person. I’m more of a crazy-haired, frumpy bathrobe-wearing, coffee-sipping, silent type in the mornings. I get up and first of all, try to put the dog out, but he’s not a morning person either. He looks up at me with his “you-have-got-to-be-kidding-me” eyes, but eventually I coax him outside. Then I settle into my chair and start praying. For me, a big part of prayer is alignment…getting myself aligned with God’s purposes and principles. (Some days, that’s no easy task.)

Anyway, a few mornings ago, I was musing on these strange and troubling times…and about halfway through my second cup, I realized I’ve been looking at these times all wrong. They might be offering Americans an unprecedented opportunity.

In other words, the chance of a lifetime. A chance to find more in common than we think…and refuse polarization. We all want life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We may have different ways of getting there, but we can do this. This is our chance. It might be our only chance.

For those in power: you have the chance of a lifetime. A chance to save the world, literally. America has the means to get the vaccine to the poorest of the poor around the planet. I’m guessing the poor don’t care about their right to refuse it. They want to live.

For my friends who are mortified by certain political trends, especially on the Right but also on the Left: you have the chance of a lifetime. (So many of you have shared your frustrations with me.) We all have the chance, over the next couple of years, to seek out and support alternate candidates for the 2024 election. The chance to change the trajectory of the ship and avoid the iceberg. But we must start now.

For consumers: we have the chance of a lifetime. A chance to stop throwing fits. A chance to find compassion for short-staffed businesses. A chance to be kind to waiters. A chance to leave “me first” behind.

For people who want to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem: we have the chance of a lifetime. Every day, really.

Jesus washed people’s feet…their nasty, smelly feet…then said to go and do likewise. This is our chance.

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