I’ve come to the conclusion that there are two Jesuses. One leans a little fascist and forms his opinions based on YouTube videos. I can’t find him in the Bible, but he’s in a lot of churches. His fans say, “Hey, he’s better than your “anything goes” Socialist Jesus.”

Come to think of it, maybe there are three Jesuses.

What would the real Jesus say about the issues of our time? I wish we could take off our political filters and figure that out. I’m including myself in that “we.” I’m still baffled by the vastly different views of Jesus. I recently heard a pastor lamenting that he only gets his parishioners one hour a week, but ___ News gets them 24/7. That subtle pull has become stronger than Jesus.

Right now, I’m on an island off the coast of Portland, Maine. There are 48 homes, one truck, no restaurants, and 266 acres of wilderness. The only entertainment is of one’s own making. I’m about to go blackberry picking. No podcast. No reading material. Just peace and quiet. I hope to meet Jesus there.

And when I do, I doubt that we’ll talk borders or abortion or transgender people. We’ll probably talk about blackberries…and I’ll understand all those other things better after that.

Maybe we’ve been looking for him in the wrong places.

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