I don’t know about you, but I think backyard volleyball is challenging enough without tripping over tufts of grass or stepping in holes. Leveling the field might make a difference in my game. Or at least I can tell myself that-ha!

Anyway, that was just a segue to this. What if we could level the field in society? Take out the obstacles and fill in the holes? Go back to the basics with consistency across the board.

Here’s a pop quiz for all of us.

Would you consider taking a refresher course on the US Constitution?

Do you have areas of common ground with people of a different political party?

If this had been a polio pandemic rather than a covid pandemic, would your reasons for
            getting vaccinated or not getting vaccinated remain the same? What implications
            does this have for future pandemics?

Across the spectrum of life, do you believe character matters? If so, how can we become
            people of greater character?

These are matters we can attend to, no matter which side of the aisle (or net) we’re on. They just might put us all on better footing going forward.

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