Recently, I missed a point. A lady was talking about not wanting to wear a mask, so I assumed SHE was missing the point. I sort of made a comment, but as it turns out, her reason was tragic and non-political. It made me sad for her and mad at myself. I had not walked a mile in her shoes. I apologized.

We miss the point when we get so issues-focused we fail to empathize with people. This can be said of all our hot-button issues. For example…

The Issue–abortion                                 
The People–scared teens
The Issue—the border                             
The People–innocents fleeing violence
The Issue–BLM
The People–those whose ancestors were considered 3/5 of a person

“Yeah but,” you say?
“Those teens should have thought of that earlier.”
“Not all border crossers are innocent.”
“All lives matter.”                         

This difference of opinion could go on forever, but as David French recently said, it’s not difference that tears us apart. Our country thrives on differences. They prompt us to be creative and solutions-based. Hate and fear are what have the potential to tear us apart. We can be clear-headed and strong and STILL have soft, humble, and empathetic hearts. Let’s not miss that point.

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