‘Tis the season… for giving, for Christmas trees, for egg nog, for cold weather
(at least in Colorado—minus 10 last night!).

And according to the song, ‘tis the season to be jolly (fa la la la la).

I wish you jolly-ness!

But more importantly, I hope you enjoy (or will soon find) fulfillment.
Ken Coleman, author of “One Question: Life-Changing Answers from Today’s Leading Voices,” once said,
“Most people never truly find their sweet spot,
the intersection of their greatest strength and their greatest passion.
I am troubled by the epidemic of men and women who are good at their job but
hate it. This is misery. Conversely, we all know people who love what they are
doing but are not very good at it. This is frustration. The most successful among
us find the sweet spot and stay there. This is fulfillment.”

As we go into the new year, my prayer is that you and I will find more joy and
more usefulness to our fellow man than ever before. That would make me jolly!

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